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Balarinji Sam Juparulla Dorota Skoneczna
Balarinji Boy Sam Juparulla Dorota Skoneczna

Husband-and-wife team John and Ros Moriarty founded Balarinji in 1983, in celebration of the birth of their first child.

Since then, Balarinji has grown into an internationally renowned design studio with a unique signature of cutting edge contemporary design born of ancient inspiration.

Sam Wickman is an Aboriginal archaeologist and artist whose many life experiences through his culture, archaeological studies, and various community works has lead to a deep cultural understanding of what Indigenous Australian culture means.

This is clearly expressed in his attractive artwork.

Dorota Skoneczna was born in Piotrkow, Trybunalski, Poland. From 1996-2001 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (Faculty of Textiles and Fashion Design) in Lodz, Poland.

Dorota specialises in rugs, tapestries and printed textiles and also works as a fine art painter currently living in Poland.

Urban Dingo Gallery is proud to be the West Australian Representative for the exclusive Art Rugs Collections.

Together with Rugs Online and Halcyon Lake we strive to deliver the best service and quality when it comes to floor coverings and rugs. And all of our rugs can be made to order in whatever size, shape and colour you would like, offering a unique approach to interior design at its best. This means there's no need to go searching and hunting to find the right colour, shape or size that will suit your purpose.

Plus, we provide in-house consultations so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home.

When it comes to quality we cannot be beaten. All rugs are made from 100% New Zealand wool and are very eco-friendly as there are no chemical substances used in the dyes nor harmful glues. They are skillfully hand-woven and are extremely hard-wearing, ensuring no shedding of wool and meaning you can enjoy your rug for years to come.

And some of our customers even have them hanging on their walls because they are such beautiful artworks!

Trade Offer:

Our exclusive range of rugs are competitively priced with discounts available for bulk purchases. And there are no minimum order quantities.

For further enquiries contact us today.

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rug larrapinta charcoal 409
rug pillawannawanna 411
rug larrapinta cinnamon 410
rug kyumpa flame red 401
rug kyumpa blue 400
rug emu dreaming mandarin 397
rug emu dreaming grey 396
rug ceremony red 399
rug ceremony charcoal 398
rug rockpool copper 375
rug rockpool apricot 357
rug gumnuts 421
rug emu tracks 353
rug bush blossums 137
rug billabong copper 30
rug rockface 419
rug emu crocodile turtle 254
rug shields 420
rug billabong charcoal 25
rug emu country 352
rug desert 53
rug sandhills 351
rug summer camps 55
rug jamboree blue 253
rug frangipani 138
rug desert flower 460
rug jamboree red 27
rug rainbow snake dreaming 13
rug under the pick red 507
rug under the pick 406
rug the pass red 506
rug the pass 407
rug nirvana 414
rug kaleidoscope 458
rug horizon 459
rug city loop 509
rug big pond stone 510
rug big pond salmon 508
rug big pond duck blue 408